DALLAS — Tour & Andersson (TA) has announced the 2012 schedule for its TA Hydronic College seminars “The Three Hydronic Conditions” and “Investment and Energy Savings in Variable Flow Systems.” The company said the 2012 schedule brings the seminars into a number of new cities.

With technical content designed for HVAC consulting engineers, designers, and installing contractors, the TA Hydronic College seminars are said to provide a variety of practical and theoretical examples to highlight issues faced when designing, commissioning, and maintaining hydronic variable flow systems.

The “Investment and Energy Savings” seminar was added in mid-2011, with part of the seminar dedicated to comparing conventional primary-secondary flow systems to the more recent variable primary flow systems. “The seminar was modeled and tested in two markets before we rolled it out and the feedback has been very strong. This is a hot topic in hydronics, with energy efficiency being front-and-center for every engineer and building owner,” said Brandon Bonicard of TA North America.

The cities and dates for the 2012 seminars include:

• Detroit, April 12: “The Three Hydronic Conditions”

• Atlanta, April 19: “Investment and Energy Savings in Variable Flow Systems”

• San Diego, May 16: “The Three Hydronic Conditions”

• Toronto, May 23: “Investment and Energy Savings in Variable Flow Systems”

• Seattle, Sept. 19: “Investment and Energy Savings in Variable Flow Systems”

• Orlando, Fla., Sept. 26: “The Three Hydronic Conditions”

The seminars are presented in a vendor-neutral format, are free to qualified attendees, and certificates of completion are provided for professional development credit.

To register or for additional information, visit www.TAHydronicCollege.com.

Publication date: 04/02/2012