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Course Title: Fundamental Control Strategies for HVAC Systems, #215

Sponsoring Organization: Johnson Controls Training Institute

Date: April 2

Location: Baltimore

Course Description: The introductory course is designed for anyone who operates, maintains, or troubleshoots HVAC control systems. Students will analyze a number of HVAC systems and their associated controls, including central plant, air and water distribution, and terminal systems. Course topics include HVAC environment, systems, and controls; psychrometrics, air properties, and HVAC processes; control system fundamentals; sensor types and applications; controls system configurations; feedforward and feedback control loops; reset control strategies; controlled devices; valves, dampers, and actuators; hot-/chilled-water distribution systems; control strategies for water distribution systems; hot-/chilled-water terminal systems; control strategies for water terminal systems; air distribution systems; and control strategies for air distribution systems. In addition, other subjects covered in the class include 100 percent outside air system control strategies, mixed air system control strategies; variable air volume (VAV) control strategies; VAV terminal unit control strategies; and introduction to facility management systems. Hands-on labs and final review are also part of the course.

Publication date: 3/12/2012