HEPA filer diffuserThe Criti-Clean fan filter unit (FFU), a fan-powered laminar flow HEPA filter diffuser, is a computer-controlled FFU. It features a variable-speed electronically commutated motor, stainless steel construction, and an all-welded plenum built to meet the latest pressure testing standards. The FFU will make designing and constructing new clean room environments in existing buildings easier, because the unit’s fan and motor supply its own airflow, so there’s no need to reroute existing HVAC systems, says the company. The unit is designed to provide constant airflow, automatically compensating for changes in filter load, static pressure, and more. Available in 48-by-24-inch and 24-by-24-inch models, the Criti-Clean FFU accommodates a gel seal high-efficiency particulate arrestance or ultra-low particulate air filter, which can be easily replaced from the face of the unit.

A-J Manufacturing

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