benderHandling tubes up to 3/8-inch diameter, the Small Diameter Vertical Bend Hairpin Bender (SD VBHB) is available. It features throughput capacities of up to 4,000 hairpins per hour. Production capabilities include 8 tubes/cycle for all diameters, 7 seconds/cycle for 6-inch lengths, and 8 seconds/cycle for 35-inch lengths. The small-diameter hair-pin bender delivers cost savings via reduced scrap, perishable tooling costs, labor costs, and floor space. According to the manufacturer, the machine utilizes less floor space due to a more compact design, with a size reduction of 102 square feet. Typical payback is under two years. Maintenance time is reduced with a hitch feed eliminating the belt feed used on previous design, which required additional care and attention for proper operation, the company says. Other features include intuitive operator interface using the touch screen and independent tube clamping for variations in tube diameter without causing clamp marks on the hairpins.

Burr Oak Tool Inc.

eProduct 183