fleet routingBusinesses can give geographic-centric routes to drivers without limiting routing options to those boundaries with the patent-pending Advanced Territories technology on the Telogis Route 3.0. Route 3.0 is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) multivehicle route optimization application. As a web-based solution, Route 3.0 is easy to deploy across decentralized organizations without the added cost of new infrastructure, such as server hardware. It is offered as a subscription-based service. Route 3.0 provides businesses with direct visibility into the costs of running a fleet. The system allows users to track costs for created routes and provides an immediate-feedback-on-costs feature that provides an instant evaluation of routes based on fixed and variable costs, fuel costs, labor costs, and other variables that affect the bottom line. Telogis Route 3.0 also provides full support for business constraints such as driver specialties, customer availability, and equipment available on a truck to ensure that customer needs are met. According to the company, Route 3.0 supports various vehicle types and seamlessly integrates with its GPS-based fleet management system, progression work order management platform, and mobile handheld application to provide a single-sourced platform for dynamic routing, real-time work order management, telematics, and mobile integration.

Telogis Inc.

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