Videoscope units — Model TTSVS.6-1 and Model TTSVS.6-3 — are designed for portable, on-site inspections. The articulating video borescopes feature two-way articulation (±120°) with on-board (standalone) image processing and battery-powered operation. Model TTSVS.6-1 has a braided, stainless steel waterproof insertion tube measuring 1 meter (40 inches) long with a diameter of 5.7 millimeters (0.224 inches), and is resistant to oil, fuel, and 3.5 percent concentrated saltwater. Model TTSVS.6-3 is identical to Model TTSVS.6-1, but with an insertion tube length of 3 meters (118 inches). The flexible videoscopes have a high-resolution 3.5-inch LCD screen with 320 x 240 pixel resolution for clear images. Four built-in LED lights with intensity control and automatic white balance enhance image quality, including on highly reflective surfaces. The units include 5X electronic zoom control; depth of field is 3 to 50 millimeters (0.118 to 1.970 inches) with a 65-degree-wide field of view. The operating temperature range is 23 to 150°F (-5 to 65°C). The still image storage format is JPEG (720 x 625) and the video recording format is AVI (720 x 525). For portable use, images and video can be captured on a supplied 1 GB SD card. The videoscopes also can be connected to a larger monitor through an A/V plug (supplied) or to a computer through a USB plug (also supplied). Both models include a sturdy aluminum carrying case with foam-fitted lining.

Titan Tool Supply Inc.

eProduct 185