3MCHICAGO — Three new Filtrete™ Commercial HVAC Filters are being introduced by 3M. The V-Bank style filters, available in MERV A13, MERV A14 and MERV A15 performance ratings, feature integral gaskets and nested pleats.

According to the company, these commercial HVAC filters offer low pressure drop, robust efficiency, longevity, low weight, as well as unique design features. The filters’ integral gaskets reduce air-bypass, which may prevent unfiltered air from flowing past gaps between the filter and the filter rack. This feature not only saves time during installation, but also ensures that the gaskets are actually used, says the company.

Typical applications for the new Filtrete V-Bank filters include hospitals/health care facilities, universities, clean manufacturing facilities, research laboratories, airports, hotels, and entertainment complexes.

For more information, visit www.filtrete.com/commercialbuilding.