WattNode BACnetCHICAGO — Continental Control Systems says that with its new WattNode® BACnet® meter (MS/TP), the company now offers cost-effective energy and power metering for all of the major building automation communications protocols. The new BACnet WattNode meter complements the company’s Modbus® and LonWorks® meters, giving almost any building automation system seamless accessibility to electrical system measurements including power, energy, voltage, current, and power factor, the company says.

Designed to be a highly compact as well as cost-effective networked energy meter, all WattNode meters provide line-powered single and three phase, wye or delta configurations up to 600 Vac and 6000A.

Supporting full self-discovery of the meter and all of its objects, the WattNode BACnet meter offers more than 50 electric power-related measurements, 64 addresses, and selectable baud rates up to 76.8K, including an auto-baud setting.

For more information, visit www.ccontrolsys.com.