booster fansMany homeowners dealing with winter roof ice dams or summer high attic temperature problems due to inadequate attic ventilation now have the option of adding booster fans under existing roof vents instead of cutting additional holes in their roofs to install attic ventilation fans, the manufacturer says. The Powered Roof Vent Booster (RVB) fans are easily installed from inside the attic against the underside opening of standard vents up to 11 square inches. According to the company, RVB fans, which operate on 60 W, boost the amount of airflow through the vents by more than three times. The fans are easily installed with adjustable arms that hold the fans between roof rafters/trusses up to 32 inches on center. The fan plugs into a standard electrical outlet. Multiple units can be daisy chained (one unit plugs into the next unit) so only one power outlet is required. Additionally, fan operation can be controlled by on-off switches, automatic timers, or temperature controls. Features include 115 vac, 2,200-rpm motor, 60,000-hour operation life, and 300 cfm.

Tjernlund Products Inc.

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