ORMOND BEACH, Fla. — Recently the Phoenix City Fire Department responded to a restaurant employee who collapsed after walking out of the restaurant’s basement. In Georgia, an 80-year-old woman died and another was found unconscious in a fast-food restroom. What do these incidents have in common? Both were the result of leaking CO2 equipment, and both could have been avoided.

To prevent CO2 storage related accidents, CO2Meter.com has introduced its CO2 Storage Safety Alarm. This alarm detects the presence of high levels of carbon dioxide, and if present, warns people to evacuate the area immediately.

The company notes that thousands of businesses store pressurized carbon dioxide. It is used in virtually every restaurant in America for carbonated soft drinks, it is used as a welding gas, as dry ice (solid CO2), for refrigeration, and is even used as a reactant in the decaffeination of coffee beans. Yet many people are unaware that this tasteless and odorless gas — in high concentrations or in enclosed areas — can be lethal.

“CO2 safety alarms aren’t new, but this one is,” said Ray Hicks, president of CO2Meter.com. “It can be installed by anyone in seconds, starts working the instant you plug it in, and will last for years.”

Because the sensor module is separate from the display, the CO2 Storage Safety Alarm is said to be ideal for monitoring enclosed areas where carbon dioxide is stored. Employees will know if it is unsafe to enter a door, for example. Multiple display units can be daisy-chained to provide more warning stations. In addition, the built-in relay can be used to control a fan or to trigger an offsite alarm.

“This makes the TCO (total cost of ownership) better than any similar device on the market,” Hicks said.

CO2Meter.com manufactures and distributes carbon dioxide and other gas meters, sensors, and indoor air quality monitors used in HVAC, scientific, horticultural, food and beverage, and other industries. For more information, visit www.co2meter.com.

Publication date: 12/26/2011