RICHMOND, Calif. — Solar hot water equipment manufacturer Heliodyne announced that it has received certification by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) for its Commercial Solar Station, otherwise known as the HCOM. According to the company, the HCOM is the first commercial-scale pre-assembled heat transfer appliance that carries the IAPMO certification.

The HCOM is a packaged closed-loop heat transfer appliance for accommodating large solar hot water projects of up to 100 flat plate collectors, while still larger projects can combine HCOMs in parallel for unlimited sizing potential, said the company. According to Heliodyne, the HCOM was engineered to offer installers a factory assembled, plug-and-play appliance that can work universally with any commercial project reducing the design complexity and time associated with larger installations.

“The HCOM eliminates a lot of the sizing and engineering guesswork making larger solar commercial projects an easier task,” said Nicole Cusick, head engineer at Heliodyne. “And now with the unit being IAPMO certified, the engineer and installer on the project as well as the inspector can trust that it has gone through rigorous testing and inspection to pass all UPC code compliances and requirements.”

According to the company, the HCOM contains all major balance of system components that comprise a typical commercial solar water heating system. Some features of the HCOM include touch screen interface, advanced controller for remote web-based monitoring and data storage, single/double wall heat exchanger and integrated variable speed pumps for system energy optimization.

“We’re seeing a growing demand in solar thermal commercial projects,” said Ole Pilgaard, president of Heliodyne. “We’re confident that with the simplicity of installing the HCOM, commercial jobs will not only be a simpler task for experienced installers, but also a viable option for less experienced installers new to commercial solar.”

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Publication date: 11/28/2011