motorHigh-efficiency furnace motor Rescue EcoTech® dramatically upgrades the electrical efficiency of a furnace while lowering operating costs and improving comfort. Through its patented design, an ECM motor connects directly to the furnace board in just the same way as the existing PSC motor it is replacing, resulting in quick and easy installation. By replacing the existing PSC motor with the Rescue EcoTech, the homeowner can enjoy improved comfort while saving money by using up to 25 percent fewer watts in heat or cooling mode and 75 percent fewer in circulation than the typical OEM PSC motor, claims the company. The furnace motor is dual voltage (115V/230V) and multihorsepower. It is available in four models: 1, ¾, ½, and 1/3 hp. Each motor covers a range of three hp strengths.

Nidec Motor Corp.

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