power meterAn addition to the company’s portable metering product line, the ELITEpro SP™ recording power meter provides users with the same user-friendly metering experience as the ELITEpro. The power meter features increased memory, higher sampling speeds, standard line power operation, and fast USB downloads. It also offers some power quality features such as the ability to view in real-time voltage, current, and power waveforms and calculate harmonics to the 63rd order. It also works with a broad range of CT types. The ELITEpro SP requires no external power and can work on voltage services ranging from 80-600 V. The patented PhaseChek™ circuitry includes a three-LED indicator display that confirms proper CT-to-phase installation — greatly reducing setup time. The unit features an 8-MB nonvolatile memory for extended recording sessions and user-defined recording intervals as short as every second. The power meter can be mounted anywhere with its magnetic back and is small enough to be secured inside the electrical panel. The Windows-based ELOG™ software package is used to program the meter, display metered values, and retrieve and analyze the collected data. The software package graphically displays recorded data, performs analysis, and facilitates automatic remote data collection. Data is also easily exported to popular spreadsheet and database programs for additional analysis.

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