demand controllerDesigned to reduce a business’s electric bill, the Demand Limiting Controller (DLC) attacks the three charges for electricity: demand, peak rate, and use. The DLC is an integrated system including a central controller, thermostats, and a fully integrated, web-based user interface, providing complete user control. The patent-pending system is designed to operate in facilities from 6,000 to 250,000 square feet with a minimum of three HVAC units. Monthly demand charges are calculated by the peak amount of electricity used over any 15-minute period. The DLC manages HVAC units so they are not all running simultaneously, thereby reducing the peak demand, all the while maintaining the defined set point. This feature reduces the HVAC demand charge by 30 percent, said the company. Peak rate savings are accomplished by cooling the zone by one to two degrees prior to the peak rate time, at the lower electric rate, and then allowing the temperature to drift up, minimizing electrical use during the peak rate period. Use savings are accomplished by bringing in outside air when the exterior temperature is 55 degrees or less. This feature reduces HVAC use charges during cold weather. Once set up and installed, the system is fully independent and self-monitoring. Email alerts are sent when predefined extreme temperatures are exceeded, when HVAC filters require changing, or if there is trouble with the system. Thermostats are locked, preventing unauthorized change of temperature settings. Reports of system performance are available through the browser interface.

Save Energy Systems Inc.

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