solar pumpVariable-speed solar pumps have been added to the 00® family of circulators. The pumps are designed to match solar collector output, a feature that increases solar system performance by 20 percent. The variable-speed circulators with integral solar control includes the 009 solar drain-back circulator and several cast iron and nonferrous pump sizes with integrated controls for jobs of all types and sizes. All the wiring for power and sensors is done directly to the circulator while the LED status panel makes it easy to check function. Dip switch settings offer easy setup. The solar pumps continually adjust speed to reduce short-cycling, maximizing solar collector output and system efficiency. The pumps work with any solar thermal application, whether drain-back, open loop, or closed loop. They offer user-definable output for heat dump, one or two storage tanks, storage tank supplement, or booster pump. The all-in-one design is pre-engineered, pre-plumbed, pre-wired, and easy to install.


eProduct 184