ROCKVILLE, Md. — The Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA) released Breaking the Line: Best Practices for Safe Line Breaking, an addition to the association’s popular safety training kit series that provides a worker safety training video, take-away pocket guides with key points from the training, a handy documentation mechanism to assist contractors in documenting which workers have received the training, and a test to assist in verifying that workers understand the materials.

“Line breaking, or the intentional opening of a closed piping system, can be tricky because piping systems can carry substances that are flammable, toxic, corrosive, scalding, and/or under extreme pressure,” noted Tom Skaggs, chairman of MCAA’s safety and health committee and vice president – safety for the Murphy Co.. “It’s smart to establish and follow the best safe work practices available, and this new safety training kit makes that easy,” he added.

The Breaking the Line: Best Practices for Safe Line Breaking safety training kit reviews some of the more common safety issues involving line breaking, such as those that occur when lines are not completely drained, the wrong valves are closed, motor control centers are not locked out, valves are missed during lockout procedures, and residual pressure is still in the line.

“Failure to follow safe work practices can result in injuries to workers,” noted Pete Chaney, MCAA director of safety and health. “Workers can be struck by flying objects; experience heat or chemical burns; inhale toxic gases, mists, or vapors; incur skin conditions; and inadvertently start fires,” he said.
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Publication date: 10/10/2011