thermal imagerBuilt to work in the harshest industrial environments, the Ti9 thermal imager has an IP54 rating for withstanding dust and water, and is designed to survive drops of up to 2 meters. The built-in cover and lens guard protects the lens when not in use. The thermal imager can be used for troubleshooting electrical installations as well as electromechanical, process, and HVACR equipment. The Ti9 delivers crisp, clear images on a large widescreen, full-VGA-color LCD display that allows technicians to get the full picture instantly. It features a thermal sensitivity of = 0.20°C at 30° target temperature (200 mK) to identify even small temperature differences that could indicate problems. The thermal imager is easy to use, with an intuitive three-button menu, which allows users to navigate with the push of a thumb. To utilize, the user points, focuses, and shoots to capture an image. The SmartView® professional infrared analysis and reporting software is included with the Ti9. The suite of tools for viewing, annotating, editing, and analyzing infrared images enables users to edit images and generate customized professional reports in a few steps using its report wizard. The thermal imager comes complete with a 2 GB SD memory card, multifunction memory card reader, rechargeable internal battery, ac charger/power supply, adjustable hand strap, soft carrying case, and a rugged hard carrying case.

Fluke Corp.

eProduct 182