PITTSBURGH — GeothermalGenius.org has launched a new enhanced version of its educational website that informs homeowners about geothermal heating and cooling. According to the organization, the site functions to provide visitors with a comprehensive understanding of geothermal, while incorporating a number of features to enhance the user’s online experience.

Designed to bridge the gap between homeowner and geothermal contractor, the site’s goal is to answer many of the questions posed by homeowners. Individuals can calculate potential costs, generate ballpark savings estimates, and connect directly with geothermal experts.

GeothermalGenius.org notes that there is a 30 percent federal tax credit to those who install a geothermal heat pump through 2016. In addition, there are many state-specific incentives.

The best candidates for geothermal are said to be those building a new home or currently burning heating oil or propane. Joshua Kresge, founder of GeothermalGenius.org, said, “Residential geothermal systems work; they can save thousands of dollars per year.”

The site’s purpose is not only to provide information, but also raise public awareness through creative campaigns. For example, homeowners with geothermal can win free electricity bill compensation by sharing their story on the national geothermal testimonials map. The site is also supported by geothermal industry brands, in addition to installation contractors.

For more information, visit www.geothermalgenius.org.

Publication date: 10/10/2011