V-CubeDesigned in 11 sizes from 15 to 70 tons, the V-Cube Slim™ unit features a cooling efficiency of up to 16.1 EER and heating efficiency of up to 4.3 COP. The floor-by-floor cooling and heat pump system features knockdown sections, a compact footprint, and a quick-connect design, making the unit ideal for economical and efficient replacement of existing floor-by-floor units, says the company. With its application flexibility, the system can be used for water-cooled or DX cooling, DX cooling with waterside economizer, standard or geothermal water-source heat pump systems, makeup air, and data center air-handler applications. The units can be disassembled into sections that fit through a standard 3-foot door — without breaking refrigerant lines — and easily reassembled. Units are equipped as standard with a factory-installed VFD and EPiC™ controls with standalone control to simplify and reduce installation costs. Optional communication with common, industry-recognized protocols is also available to allow units to be integrated with the BAS of choice.

Mammoth, a CES Group Co.

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