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Course Title: BIM Contracts & Risk Allocation/BIM Process & Technology Implementation for Mechanical Contractors

Sponsoring Organization: Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA)

Date: Oct. 17-18

Location: Baltimore, Md.

Course Description: On Oct. 17, BIM Contracts & Risk Allocation for Mechanical Contractors is covered. Among other things, this course will assist contractors in learning how to manage the emerging risks associated with the electronic representation and transmission of project data. Legal concepts and concerns addressed in the course include whether the mechanical contractor’s risk is greater just because BIM risks are different; reaching an understanding with all parties about the ability and right to rely upon the model; applying strict rules to police the model so that access rights are reasonably restricted or logically granted; and contractual reporting requirements for known or observed errors or omissions in contract documents. On Oct. 18, BIM Process & Technology Implementation for Mechanical Contractors will be held. The course provides a foundation for participants to establish and execute the BIM process, facilitate its adoption, and achieve integration on a single project and at a company level to execute multiple BIM projects simultaneously. It provides a practical, how-to explanation of the necessary steps to implement BIM processes and technologies, both on projects and within mechanical contracting firms. Registration is open to MCAA members and MEP contractors. Attendees may sign up for one or both courses.

Course Title: E2 Controller Training

Sponsoring Organization: Emerson Climate Technologies Educational Services

Date: Oct. 18-20

Location: Durham, N.C.

Course Description: The course combines in-depth knowledge with extensive practical training in setting up, servicing and troubleshooting the E2 control system. The three-day course includes in-depth technical information on E2 hardware, software, and peripherals as well as navigation of the E2 controller. In addition, in-depth training on E2 Refrigeration (RX) and Building (BX) applications is included. Students will learn E2 hardware and software foundation, E2 controller setup, peripherals used with the E2, networking and network troubleshooting, E2 controller navigation, and understanding E2 application. In addition, programming E2 RX and BX controller applications will be covered, including theory, structure, parameter changes, and setup. The course is intended for air conditioning and refrigeration technicians, whether new or experienced; contractors, end users (service); installers; service managers; facilities engineers; mechanical service, and install technicians. Students may receive North American Technician Excellence- (NATE) recognized continuing education credit towards recertification in the areas of Air Conditioning, Air Distribution, Refrigeration, and Heat Pump Installation and Service as well as 2.1 CEUs from International Association for Continuing Education and Training.

Publication date: 09/19/2011