Oxyhydrogen Gas GeneratorMixed oxyhydrogen gas generators can be used to braze or solder copper, brass, and aluminum. These technologies work only with water and electricity, the company said. According to the manufacturer, gas is generated through an electrolytic cell, able to get H2O2 from the water. The system eliminates the usage of compressed gas cylinders and the possibility of explosion. The combustion of Oxyhydrogen produces water vapor and does not produce CO2 emissions. The gas pressure inside the gas generator can be very low (<7 psi). The brazing operator does not need to wear special glasses since the flame doesn’t damage the operator’s eyes and skin. The fumes are reduced about 70 percent. The flame is concentrated, heat is localized and does not spread, eliminating the risk to overheat the material and components. Less oxidation inside the copper tubing results in extended lifetime of the compressor. Due to the neutral flame and high temperature, the brazing alloy penetrates deeper into the joint, producing stronger connections.

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