LiveCountPro Screen ShotThe Accubid® LiveCount® family of on-screen takeoff solutions for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) trades includes a new version of LiveCount and LiveCount Pro. The software solutions provide contractors with the ability to seamlessly integrate and mark up digital image files to manage the quantification process during takeoffs. This eliminates the need to import and/or export information to either the on-screen takeoff tool or the estimate since they are linked. The new version of LiveCount offers the system’s ability to create and manage alternate bids, giving contractors the tools they need to create what-if scenarios. Contractors can also retrieve both length and count in one pass in LiveCount, effectively cutting branch takeoff time in half. The LiveCount link to a takeoff can also be broken, providing contractors greater control by allowing manual overrides. The new LiveCount Pro introduces an auto count process, a symbol recognition feature that automatically quantifies like objects in the drawing. The auto count feature also ignores objects that have already been counted and allows the estimator to isolate part of the drawing to be counted. This can speed up takeoff time significantly.

Trimble, Accubid Div.

eProduct 250