Through the introduction of three new online tools at, CertainTeed Insulation said it is helping building professionals better market efficiency improvements to homeowners and provide extra value to their customers. The free online tools can be used to access information on rebates and incentives and the amount of insulation needed to provide optimum thermal comfort as well as an energy savings calculator.

“Ensuring that homeowners are aware of tax incentives and rebates can help building professionals close the deal on energy-efficiency projects,” said Paul Valle, president of CertainTeed Insulation. “CertainTeed’s new online tools provide a useful selling aid and add credibility to the process.”

Powered by Green Ohm, CertainTeed’s Rebate & Incentives Calculator enables homeowners to input a zip code and instantly receive a list of federal, state, and local utility insulation incentives that apply to their area. The tool also provides instructions and any relevant forms associated with the incentive or rebate.

The Calculate Your Energy Savings tool estimates the energy savings associated with specific energy-efficiency improvements. The tool calculates savings based on the homeowner’s zip code, type of fuel used in the home, age of heating and cooling equipment, amount of existing insulation, and amount of insulation to be installed.

To help explain the different types of insulation to homeowners, building professionals can use the Insulation Calculator tool. The calculator helps determine the recommended R-value based on geographic region and specific area of a home, such as the attic, walls, and basement. The tool also helps calculate the square footage of the project to determine how much insulation is needed.

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Publication date: 08/29/2011