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Photo by Angela Beldy, Virtual Tours Denver

J&J Heating LLC


Speakman Cooling-Air2O™/CRS-1000 evaporative coolers

May 2011

To provide energy efficiency in a luxury townhome community

Work Completed
Tejon34 is an Energy Star rated luxury townhome community located at 3400 Tejon Street in Denver. The Tejon34 units, which range in price from $799,000-$900,000, were developed with a vision to make the Highland area neighborhood a more attractive community and to provide energy efficiency. With sustainability as a core focus behind the project, Speakman’s unique Air2O™ evaporative coolers were selected to keep the townhomes cool and eco-friendly. The Air2O™ was developed to work best in hot dry climates and can cool within the same range as air conditioning while using up to 80 percent less energy. The system produces the coldest air possible using 100 percent clean fresh air for superior IAQ. Instead of stagnant re-circulated air, the indoor environment is filled with naturally cool fresh outdoor air. Being an integral part of the Tejon34 project is a great opportunity for Speakman Cooling to showcase its unique energy-efficient technology and provide superior indoor summer comfort for homeowners.

Publication date: 08/15/2011