The redesigned VelociCalc® Model 9565 multifunction ventilation meter is a multifunction anemometer that accurately measures air velocity, airflow, temperature,TSI Inc.: Ventilation Meterhumidity, and pressure simultaneously, presenting these five parameters on a large graphic display with on-screen messages and instructions in customizable local languages. Additional smart plug-in probes and sensors, including VOC, CO2, and rotating vane probes, make the Model 9565 flexible enough to handle a wide range of additional measurement applications, including: HVAC testing and balancing, clean room testing, biological safety cabinet, and laboratory fume hood testing, IAQ investigations, and others. Equipped with LogDat2™ downloading software and TRAKPRO™ data analysis software, the new VelociCalc® Ventilation Meter Model 9565 allows for easy data logging, recall, review, and downloading of up to 38 days of stored data for robust documentation. Wireless Bluetooth® technology further enables remote polling and onsite printing to an optional portable printer.

TSI Inc.
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