EASTON, Pa. — Follett Corp. has qualified its 400 lb/day Maestro™ icemakers and most of its ice and water dispensers for the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) Tier 2 specification for Highly Efficient Icemakers. All Maestro air-cooled Chewblet® and flake icemakers, along with 90 percent of Follett Symphony™ ice and water dispensers and all models of the newly-released compact 7 Series ice and water dispensers, meet the new CEE Tier 2 specification criteria. Follett said these Tier 2 criteria are even more stringent than Energy Star requirements.

“Follett is committed to product leadership in both ice machines and ice and water dispensers and, in particular, to energy and water efficiency,” said Steve Follett, CEO. The Tier 2 designation will qualify Follett ice machines and ice and water dispensers for rebates from those utilities that use the CEE criteria for their energy efficiency incentive programs. For a list of Follett’s CEE Tier 2 qualified machines, visit www.follettice.com/Tier2. For rebate opportunities, go to the CEE program summary at www.cee1.org/com/com-kit/com-kit-resource.php3.

Follett is a leading manufacturer of ice-related equipment, including ice machines, ice storage and transport equipment, ice and beverage and ice and water dispensing equipment for foodservice and health care markets worldwide.

CEE is a consortium of efficiency program administrators from the United States and Canada that unifies program approaches across jurisdictions to help increase impact in fragmented markets. By joining forces at CEE, individual electric and gas efficiency programs are able to partner not only with each other, but also with other industries, trade associations, and government agencies. Working together, administrators leverage the effect of their ratepayer funding, exchange information on successful practices and, by doing so, achieve greater energy efficiency.

For more information on Follett Corp., call 800-523-9361 or email marketing@follettice.com.

Publication date: 08/01/2011