At the Euroshop 2011 Expo in Dusseldorf, Germany, in March, Carrier Corp. introduced what it called “the latest innovations in CO2 and hydrocarbon refrigerant solutions, turnkey and heat recovery systems, and after-sales support and services for the food retail business.”

Carrier introduced the HybridCO2OL™ refrigeration system and the CO2OLheat™ heating system for food retailers.

The refrigeration system for stores operating in mid-and high-ambient temperatures “expands the geographical reach of CO2 commercial refrigeration solutions by combining the best of CO2 and HFC-134a refrigerant technologies,” the company said.

In addition, the company said, “The HybridCO2OL system offers an annual reduction of greenhouse gas emissions of up to 31 percent, while the CO2OLheat heating system makes it possible to eliminate the need for additional fossil fuels in generating energy for heating by using waste heat from Carrier’s CO2OLtec™ refrigeration system.”

At the expo, Carrier also introduced a series of natural refrigerant Multinor island merchandisers and Presenter bottle coolers featuring propane (R-290), a low global warming and non-ozone depleting refrigerant that improves energy efficiency by 10 percent versus models using standard refrigerants, the company said.

In addition, there was the Maress™ range of remote display cabinets designed specifically for discount food retail formats. The Maress refrigerated cabinet can reduce energy consumption by up to 21 percent in comparison with existing models in an equivalent configuration, the company said.

“Growing environmental aware- ness plays an instrumental role in the design of our products and services. Carrier’s strategy will continue to be shaped by innovation and sustainability as we aim to demonstrate our leadership in offering natural refrigerant and intelligent cooling solutions,” stated Philippe Delpech, president, Carrier EMEA.

“These new products and services significantly enhance Carrier’s global sustainability portfolio,” said John Mandyck, Carrier’s vice president for sustainability and environmental strategies. “By using innovative technologies, we can reduce global warming emissions and energy costs, achieving a win-win solution for customers and the environment.”

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Publication date:05/02/2011