The 800mm Series air-cooled condensers are available with enhanced copper tube/aluminum fin or with all-aluminum microchannel coils, both compatible with refrigerants R-404A, R-507, R-410A, and R-134a. The round tube models are available in a single-wide configuration from one to 7 fans (11 to 134 tons) and double-wide configuration from four to 14 fans (32 to 260 tons). The enhanced tubing, advanced sinusoidal fin design, and the company’s pierce-flare-reflare tube mounting design ensure optimal performance and durability of the coils. The broad use of 5/16- and 3/8-inch-diameter tubing keeps refrigerant charge to a minimum without creating excessive pressure drops. The microchannel models are available in a double-wide configuration from two to 14 fans (20 to 248 tons) and deliver the advantages of a compact size and up to a 75 percent reduction in refrigerant charge. The modular design of the microchannel models is based on one coil with two fan motors that may be combined into virtually any configuration, offering a wide variety of capacities and capabilities. Features include a pre-painted galvanized steel cabinet, tall venturi fan panels, and single-speed three-phase fan motors with dual voltage. A full range of ultra-efficient, variable-speed EC fan motors and an extensive list of other options are available.

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