The online resource dedicated to contractors in the mechanical, HVAC, and plumbing industries provides a closer look at how using Spectrum® Construction Software can optimize a contractor’s operations. Three short videos illustrate the varying needs of the individuals who are integral to the service workflow: the dispatcher, service technician, and customer. The videos demonstrate how the software streamlines the interplay between service personnel and client, resulting in increased efficiency for the dispatcher scheduling the work, better information for the service technician performing the work, and increased customer satisfaction. According to the company, a customer can send an email, the dispatcher drags it into Spectrum, and the service request is done. Then, a work order is automatically generated and the service tech’s schedule is updated accordingly. Armed with the correct client data, the tech can get to work quickly, paperwork is reduced, and efficiency is increased. With the software, a multistep process that involves a transfer of information from each individual along the way becomes completely integrated and electronic, says the company.

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