The EarthPure® polarized media electronic air cleaner installs directly into the 2-inch/1-inch filter rack of any of the manufacturer’s heat pumps or air handlers. The electronically enhanced media combines elements of both electronic and media air cleaners. Particles are electrically charged (polarized) and then collected in the high-efficiency media. Polarized submicron particles join with other particles and are collected on subsequent passes. The air cleaner does not produce ozone or arcing, and does not produce charged (ionized) particles that collect on clothes, walls, and furnishings, says the company. The unit’s efficiency increases as the media fibers load. The low static pressure drop lets the blower run efficiently. The patented activated-carbon center screen is effective in removing cigarette smoke, pollen, dust, odors, volatile organic compounds, and other contaminants. According to the manufacturer, it is equivalent to a MERV 14 air filter and is 97 percent effective at 0.3 microns.

ClimateMaster Inc., 7300 SW 44th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73179; 405-745-6000;

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