The L-INX automation servers LINX-150 and LINX-151 can communicate simultaneously in a LonMark system and in a BACnet network. The LINX-150 has a built-in network interface (RNI) for remote access via IP to the TP/FT-10 channel of the automation server. The LINX-151 has a built-in CEA-709/IP-852 router and a BACnet/IP to MS/TP router. Various communication options are provided. Information from all of the communication technologies and the L-IOB I/O modules can be equally processed with the built-in PLC functionality (IEC 61131-3). Both models also have the ability for direct data exchange between communication technologies. Customized graphic pages with dynamic content are hosted by the servers and appear via web services with LWEB-800 Visualization on Windows PCs and Windows Mobile devices. The servers feature AST™ functions (alarming, scheduling, trending), e-mail notifications, and an integrated web server for device configuration and data point monitoring.

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