The inSite for ModSync™ tool is used in boiler room control system monitoring. The tool provides a private portal for remote web-based access to a facility’s boiler room controls. Used in conjunction with the Synex ModSync sequencing system, the interface provides real-time boiler system status using any traditional web browser, including a web-enabled cell phone. Users of the tool can access real-time system status, make adjustments, monitor maintenance schedules, receive email and text-message alerts, and review systems reports via a user-friendly, full-color, icon-based interface. The inSite for ModSync is directly supported by remote technical assistance, requires no software installation or licensing fees, and can be configured to allow multiple administrators. In addition, simple step-by-step instructions guide first-time users. Features also include setback scheduling, custom programming, multiple set point modes, trending, and alarm status and history. The equipment can be configured to communicate with energy/building management systems using Modbus, BACnet, LonWorks, or N2 protocols.

Synex Controls;

eProduct 184