Trane presented Pacesetter Awards to seven of its leading channel partners, including both dealer sales offices and independent wholesale distributors.

TYLER, Texas - Trane presented its Pacesetter Awards to seven of its leading channel partners who exceeded expectations. The Pacesetter Award is given to the company’s top-performing sales channels, recognizing both Dealer Sales Offices (DSO) and Independent Wholesale Distributors (IWD). There are three groups within the DSO and IWD channels that receive the award based on market share and size. Additionally, an overall Pacesetter Top Performer Award is presented to one DSO and one IWD.

Weighted metrics around performance are used to determine the winners in each group. The total scores for each group are then used to determine the Top Performer Award.

Trane announced the following Pacesetter Award winners for 2010:

Group One Winners:

• Dealer Sales Offices – Charlotte/Greensboro (five-time winner) and Gulf Coast (four-time winner)

• Independent Wholesale Distributor – Wallwork Group, West Caldwell, N.J. (three-time winner)

Group Two Winners:

• Dealer Sales Office – Georgia (first-time winner)

• Independent Wholesale Distributor – Gustave A. Larson Company, Pewaukee, Wis. (three-time winner)

Group Three Winners:

• Dealer Sales Office – Pittsburgh/Columbus (three-time winner)

• Independent Wholesale Distributor – Woodson and Bozeman, Memphis, Tenn. (three-time winner)

The overall top performer awards were given to the Georgia DSO and Wallwork Group.

“Each year we gather to recognize and honor the accomplishments of our premier sales offices, and our 2010 award winners have done an exceptional job delivering the value and benefits of Trane to their dealers and in turn, our customers,” said Kevin Carlile, vice president, Trane Sales, Residential Solutions. “In addition to increasing their sales and market shares, our winners demonstrated outstanding performance in all aspects of their businesses. They’re truly top performers and extremely deserving of this honor and recognition.”

Publication date:08/01/2011