PORTLAND, Ore. - Veris Industries, a leader in power monitoring and environmental sensing solutions, has announced the release of its E50H5 Power & Energy Meter. The meter is an addition to its E50 family, and has been designed to meet the needs of the commercial building automation market. In addition to the standard feature set of the E50 series, the E50H5 communicates over BACnet MS/TP, and offers two pulse inputs for sensors monitoring additional forms of energy.

“The E50H5 was designed for the building automation market,” said Gary Richmond, Veris’ Energy and Industrial product manager. “Energy conservation is a primary focus in most sectors, and the building market is no exception. The E50H5 integrates energy use and consumption data into the BAS system through the industry’s preferred BACnet protocol, making it easy to gain visibility of power use.”

According to Veris, the E50H5 easily connects to a BACnet control system with its embedded BACnet MS/TP protocol. The ability to network the E50H5 over an already established MS/TP trunk eliminates the need for additional wiring and network drops, significantly decreasing installed costs, said the company.

The E50H5 features two pulse contact accumulators for water, gas, or steam flow sensor integration, 9600 baud to 115.2 kbaud serial communication, data logging, and built-in display.

Veris Industries supplies energy and environmental sensors and control system peripherals for commercial HVAC, energy management, and industrial control applications. For more information, visit www.veris.com.

Publication date:04/25/2011