Fujitsu offers hands-on training at its facility for its Fujitsu Inverter Tech (FIT) and new Hybrid Flex Inverter Tech (HFIT) courses.

FAIRFIELD, N.J. - “What good is all the high efficiency equipment in the world, if it isn’t being installed correctly?” asked Tom Grunstra, Fujitsu General America’s national trainer for HVAC products, to a classroom full of installation and sales pros.

“Technology changes, and with these changes, we’ve got to change the way we install systems,” added Grunstra. And so, in addition to its new Halcyon Hybrid Flex Inverter ductless line, Fujitsu is introducing a new training program for distributors and installers.

“These aren’t the HVAC systems of yesterday,” said Grunstra. “As systems evolve, becoming more efficient and sophisticated, training needs to follow suit.”

The new variable-speed dc inverter, 4-ton compressor can send anywhere from 80 to 130 percent of its total capacity indoors, depending on the demand, greatly enhancing its efficiency and flexibility.

Through the use of separation tubes and distribution boxes, Fujitsu’s HFI outdoor unit can supply up to as many as eight indoor units, and as few as two. Because this adds a new facet to ductless system installation, Fujitsu has made its Halcyon HFI Hal-Tech online training course mandatory for contractors wishing to purchase the new equipment.

“Many installers have taken our FIT [Fujitsu Inverter Tech] course,” said Grunstra, “which is a prerequisite to the new HFIT [Hybrid Flex Inverter Tech] class.” The classroom and hands-on training takes place at Fujitsu’s Halcyon University training facility in Fairfield, N.J., and includes fully functional units, labs, and high-tech courseware.

Tom Grunstra, Fujitsu’s national trainer for HVAC products, leads a class of salespersons and installers.

“The hands-on experience you get at Halcyon University is priceless,” said Michael Jawski, sales and service manager at Cottam Heating and Air Conditioning in City Island, N.Y. “You really get a chance to see and understand what’s being explained to you.” Jawski has been installing Fujitsu systems for the past five years, and has been attending its training classes; he also sends his technicians to the courses. “The instructors are all knowledgeable and explain everything in detail,” continued Jawski.

The first step toward selling and installing Halcyon HFI systems is for dealers to complete an online training course, which is available on the Dealer Toolbox website. It consists of thorough training that familiarizes contractors with the new system’s installation and operation. When a dealer completes the online course, the Halcyon HFI logo also appears on the Fujitsu website for homeowners and business owners to see.

Attendees calculate refrigerant pipe configuration and refrigerant charge requirements.

Hundreds of professionals attended Fujitsu’s FIT class last year. This year, twice as many are expected. To keep the student-to-trainer ratio in tune, only 18 people can attend each class. To register for one of the HFIT courses currently being offered, attendees must secure their place on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The new HFIT course will begin in October. Although the majority of the attendees will be distributors and installers, engineers and architects may also attend. New HFI equipment is applicable to commercial and residential applications. As with all Halcyon U courses, the new HFIT course is North American Technician Excellence (NATE) recognized.

Attendees learn about program function settings and reading the LED display.

Since the FIT course precedes the HFIT course, classes are offered back-to-back as a two-day package. The out-of-town course fee includes the course, transportation to and from Newark Liberty airport, two nights’ lodging, breakfast and lunch. Individuals interested in attending should contact their local distributor for pricing and registration forms.

Publication date:01/31/2011