The DryCool™ HD dehumidification system uses a combination of desiccants and non-ozone depleting refrigerants to deliver cool, dry air for light commercial applications, improving comfort without increasing air conditioning loads. It does not use heat to dry the air (which increases the need for air conditioning) but uses a desiccant dehumidification wheel and environmentally friendly refrigeration (R-410A) to remove heat and moisture from incoming air. The supply air is discharged at approximately space neutral temperature so that it does not add additional cooling to the space. The DryCool HD not only improves indoor comfort, it helps prevent IAQ problems associated with moisture, such as mold, mildew, biological allergens, and odors, the company says. It has a capacity of 5 pounds per hour at 80°F, 60 percent rh and efficiency of 3.3 liters per kW. A UV light and MERV 13 filter are optional.

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