PITTSBURGH - Affordable Comfort Inc. (ACI), a leading educational resource for the home performance and weatherization industry, has announced the Energy Upgrade California conference, which is open to contractors, remodelers, tradespersons, energy auditors, and homebuilders. The two-day summit, sponsored by Los Angeles County and Southern California utilities, will provide training and education on improving the energy efficiency, durability, comfort, health, and safety of homes.

According to ACI, the event, taking place at the Millennium Biltmore in Los Angeles, Jan. 10-11, 2011, will introduce individuals looking to start or advance their careers in the home performance and weatherization industry to Energy Upgrade California, a statewide energy efficiency upgrade rebate and incentive program for homeowners. The summit will offer a variety of opportunities to learn from and interact with leading trainers and subject-matter experts from across the country. An exhibit hall will showcase the latest products and services.

“Energy Upgrade California in Los Angeles County is an unprecedented alliance of state and local governments and the electric and gas utilities to bring affordable energy efficiency upgrades to existing single family homes,” said Tom Tindall, director of the Los Angeles County Internal Services Department. “We have been collaborating to develop a winning program that creates good jobs and provides rebates and incentives for homeowners throughout Los Angeles County in a seamless and easy to follow process.”

“We are thrilled to be organizing the Energy Upgrade California conference,” said Amy Fazio, executive director of ACI. “California is developing a fantastic infrastructure to help make energy efficiency accessible to homeowners, with robust programs and a thriving, skilled workforce that is growing every day. Events like Energy Upgrade California help connect thinkers and doers, policy makers and implementers, as well as the folks who do the actual work to make homes perform better. Being able to bring all of these factors together to share in a single, focused, regional event is vital to the long-term success of the industry.”

Classroom sessions will cover topics such as:

• Building science, diagnostics, and energy audits

• Status of local, state, and federal homeowner incentive programs

• Standards, certifications, and quality assurance

• Achieving deep energy reductions

• Green retrofit issues and implementation

• HVAC innovations and best practices

• Combustion appliance safety and performance upgrades

• Optimizing domestic hot water systems

• Insulation priorities and best practices

• Financing and real estate issues

• Business-building skills for contractors: marketing, estimating, and sales

For more information, visit www.acicalifornia.org.

Publication date:01/03/2011