TEMPLETON, Calif. - Former contractor turned trainer, Joe Crisara, will share his contractor sales tips on how he was able to build a multi-million dollar operation, during his Total Immersion Seminar Spring Tour which begins this month.

Cities on the tour include:

• Tampa, Fla. - Feb. 20-25

• Austin, Texas - March 20-25

• Kansas City, Mo. - April 10-15

• Los Angeles - May 15-20

According to Crisara, he has successfully trained thousands of business owners, managers, service techs, and sales people in the service contracting industry throughout America.

Crisara said his seminar is based on principles taught at many Fortune 500 companies, major universities, and think tanks. During the Total Immersion Seminar, Crisara shows how contractors can apply these principles to their business and demonstrates how they can increase sales after learning and applying the material.

Crisara is a former contractor who took his own business from a one-truck operation with modest sales to a multimillion-dollar business. After selling his business, Crisara created the Total Immersion Workshop along with his partner, Julie Crisara. So far, more than 1,000 contractors in 29 different locations throughout the United States have attended it.

For more information, contact Julie Crisara at 877-764-6304, e-mail julie@contractorselling.com, or visit www.totalimmersionsales.com.

Publication date:02/14/2011