The high-percentage outdoor air ventilator line has been expanded to include a water-source heat pump (WSHP) option. Ranging from 5 to 25 nominal tons, the refrigeration system dehumidifies high quantities of outdoor air on either boiler/tower or geothermal water loops. According to the manufacturer, the water-source heat pump option allows outdoor air units to be integrated into water loops to further increase system efficiencies. At the heart of the WSHP is an active head pressure control strategy that modulates water flow to each coaxial heat exchanger. By maintaining head pressure in each refrigeration circuit, the WSHPs provide greater reheat capacity in heating mode as well as greater reheat capacity in dehumidification mode. In addition, active head pressure control allows the equipment to be used safely in a wide range of water-side and air-side design conditions. Each WSHP ventilator is factory run-tested for 1.5 hours prior to shipment.

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