UnderAire™ crawl space ventilation fans offer homeowners a simple and cost-effective way to mechanically circulate fresh outdoor air underneath homes and porches. According to the manufacturer, left untreated, high humidity in these enclosed areas can foster a myriad of structural problems including premature rotting of structural support columns, joists, floors, and beam supports (increasing the potential for termite infestation) as well as plumbing failures due to rusting and corrosion, while proper ventilation suppresses mold and helps vent radon, offgassing from treated lumber, and odors that might otherwise migrate into living areas. The three models have factory-installed freeze-protection thermostats that prevent the units from operating if temperatures are below 40°F. The two deluxe models come ready to plug into an electrical outlet and include a dehumidistat that allows the homeowner to select the humidity level that activates the ventilator.

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