SAN ANTONIO - The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) announced that its new Quality Assured (QA) Contractor Recognition Program was officially launched at the association’s 43rd Annual Conference in San Antonio.

The new program is focused on supporting EPA’s Energy Star for New Homes program.

The ACCA QA program centers on recognizing participants that have implemented policies and procedures that promote quality installation. The recognized participants also follow requirements in the ANSI/ACCA 5 QI Standard (HVAC Quality Installation Specification). The Quality Installation specification is available as a free PDF download at

To participate in the program, contractors must satisfy four requirements:

• Attend an orientation course that outlines the EPA Energy Star for New Homes program, as well as the ACCA QA program;

• Maintain licenses, insurance, and/or bonding as required by the federal, state, and municipal governments in which the business operates;

• Implement written policies, procedures, and practices stating how the contracting business supports the achievement of quality in the field; and

• Install HVAC systems in Energy Star-intended new homes that meet the requirement of the ACCA 5 QI Standard and comply with program requirements.

Contractors do not have to be members of ACCA to participate in the QA program.

“With the new QA program, contractors have the opportunity to distinguish themselves as professional businesses that make every effort do the right thing for their customers and the HVACR industry,” said Paul T. Stalknecht, ACCA president and CEO. “As the program moves forward, we see this as a great opportunity for contractors to create new partnerships and expand their business opportunities.”

“Energy Star’s latest specifications for new homes will establish HVAC quality installation in the nation’s housing industry,” said Sam Rashkin, national director, Energy Star for Homes. “This is a major paradigm shift from standard practices that minimize cost, engineering, diagnostics, and workmanship. A credentialing program for HVAC contractors such as that provided by ACCA’s ‘Quality Assured’ Contractor Recognition Program is essential to the success of this ambitious market transformation effort.”

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Publication date:02/21/2011