LAS VEGAS - The Sporlan Division, Parker Hannifin Corp., is highlighting an updated line of electric expansion valves. This series of nine valves offers a nominal capacity range of up to 400 tons. According to Sporlan, high resolution digital linear actuators, paired with innovative features and construction, provide precise control and reliable operation across a variety of loads and conditions.

The SER-B and SER-D are being introduced to complement the recently launched SER-C. Together, they are the second generation of SER valves, with nominal R-410A capacities of 2.5, 6.8, and 14 tons.

The SERI-L is also being introduced, completing the family of SERI valves by joining the SERI-G, SERI-J and SERI-K. All are available in angle or straight-through-offset configuration with standard built-in sight glasses. Nominal R-410A capacities are 27, 49, 88 and 119 tons.

The new SEHI-400 joins the SEHI-175 for large capacity applications.

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