RIVERDALE, N.J. - Camfil Farr announced the launch of the 30/30® Test Drive program, which lets facilities use and evaluate the manufacturer’s energy-efficient air filters in their own air-handling units - at no cost or obligation - for 90 days. During the test drive period, Camfil Farr will monitor and document the results to determine how the performance of the 30/30 air filter compares with competitor’s filters, or other filters users may be considering.

This offer applies to one AHU per site, and up to 25 filters. It applies to facilities in North America not currently using the 30/30 filters, and for test bank installations starting in 2011. If tests prove the 30/30 delivers twice the service life as the current brand of filters, the end user agrees to purchase at least one set of replacement filters.

The filter’s media uses a proprietary fiber blend and is lofted to enhance depth-loading and maximize service life. The radial pleat design of the 30/30 provides long life and low average pressure drop, which reduces the frequency of filter changes, and lowers the fan power needed to move air through the filter, resulting in an immediate reduction in utility expense, and fewer filters to dispose of later, the company said.

For more information and to start a 30/30 test drive, visit www.3030testdrive.com.

Publication date:03/21/2011