The SchoolStat™ thermostat, Model T2900SCH, is a commercial programmable specialty thermostat that helps schools go green while keeping classrooms comfortable. Because classroom schedules do change, such as for in-service meetings and various after-hours activities, teachers have the option of changing the thermostat to heat or cool the classroom as needed by overriding the energy-savings mode. The thermostat can be programmed separately for weekdays and weekends, and can also be programmed with a pre-morning warm-up during winter months so that the classroom is up to temperature when school starts. The thermostat helps reduce energy use and costs by automatically going into energy-savings mode at the end of day and on weekends when the classroom is unoccupied. A keypad lockout with three security levels ensures that only authorized users can change the temperature. In addition, the thermostat is compatible with the manufacturer’s lock ring for added security. The EZ Programmer (Model ACC0432), with which the thermostat is compatible, allows the installing technician to program only one SchoolStat and then quickly clone that programming to all other SchoolStat thermostats at the school.

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