FORT MYERS, Fla. - dESCO LLC has released a mobile app for the iPhone/iPad, Android, and Windows Phone 7 devices. The app ESC Mobile outfits service technicians with real-time dispatch information and time tracking in the field.

“The apps increase the efficiency and accuracy of technicians in the field by offering them all the information they need for the task at hand,” said Dean Schreiner, dESCO president. “The apps help service companies convey a new level of professionalism. It takes advantage of today’s technology by allowing the technicians to process payments in the field and immediately e-mail receipts, while offering the ability to quote further recommendations on the jobsite. The apps reduce the dependency of obtaining information from the dispatcher by phone or radio.”

This low-cost mobile app provides real-time dispatching and status updates, full dispatch details, GPS tracking, mapping, driving directions, time tracking, invoicing, quoting, signature capture, payment processing, the ability to attach pictures from the phone’s camera, and other features.

The applications make full use of the devices’ touch screens, and other built-in features like GPS and cameras. The link to the office is in real time, making changes made from the office or from the field instantly visible to the other. “All the things they used to have to call the office for, they now have at their fingertips,” said Eric Rausin, dESCO vp of operations.

The application includes a connection to a demo database, which allows anyone to download the app and see exactly how it will work in the field without any setup or commitment. The demo database works for people whether or not they are running ESC in the office. ESC Mobile is available for download from the iTunes app store, from the Android Marketplace, or from the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace.

Publication date:03/07/2011