COMPANY:Hallthermotank Marine Systems, Glasgow, UK

INSTALLATION:Refrigeration valves for J & E Hall water chilling packages

COMPLETION:Target date: 2015

CUSTOMER:British Aerospace Systems Surface Ships

OBJECTIVE:Design and build 11 chilled water package units to supply vital cooling and air conditioning inside a new British aircraft carrier.

DESCRIPTION:A new British aircraft carrier, the HMS Queen Elizabeth, is being built in large fabricated blocks at six UK shipyards, with the final assembly of the ship taking place at the town of Rosyth in Scotland.

Titan Engineering Ltd. (Buckinghamshire, UK) was tasked with supplying the refrigeration valves. The total valve order for the HMS Queen Elizabeth covered some 440 valves, which Titan delivered complete with Lloyds and 3.1b certificates in under five weeks to the fabricator, J & E Hall (Glasgow, UK).

The valves are being used by the shipyard installer Hallthermotank Marine Systems, which is responsible for designing and building 11 chilled water package units. The units will supply vital cooling and air conditioning for the crew and electrical equipment inside the HMS Queen Elizabeth. New valve orders for a second aircraft carrier, the HMS Prince Charles, have also been placed for delivery in early 2012.

“One of the reasons that we secured this business is that we have never let the Royal Navy down.”
- Jim Proops, managing director of Titan Engineering Ltd.

Publication date:03/07/2011