Liebert Corp., a manufacturer of computer room air conditioning systems, has recognized Hill York as its south Florida and Caribbean service provider.

Through the acquisition of Michael Cullota’s company, American HVAC&R, Hill York, with offices in six southern Florida cities, is now the largest Liebert Network Solutions Partner in Florida, according to a statement from Hill York.

Liebert is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, and is represented in southeast Florida by Air & Power Solutions, owned and managed by Dale Keitz.

Keitz noted Hill York’s acquisition of American HVAC&R and cited Hill York’s depth, technical expertise, and geographic range.

Chip Lafferty, owner and CEO of Hill York, said, “This most recent and important acquisition continues to accomplish one of our corporate goals - to extend market share by acquiring, or establishing strategic alliances with, other best-of-class companies. We enhanced Hill York’s stronghold on serving and maintaining mission-critical facilities. With the growth in technology companies in Florida and the Caribbean, Hill York is now in an even stronger position to serve all the air conditioning needs of our diverse client base.”

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Publication date:10/04/2010