COMPANY: HTS Texas, Houston

INSTALLATION:McQuay magnetic bearing chiller, McQuay air handling units, and Enviro-Tec Variable Air Volume (VAV) boxes

COMPLETION: February 2010

CUSTOMER: Randolph Air Force Base, San Antonio

OBJECTIVE:Reduce the base’s utility costs by installing a highly-efficient chiller

DESCRIPTION:More than 10,000 people live and work on Randolph Air Force Base in south-central Texas, where temperatures reach average highs above 90°F and 80 percent humidity each summer. In response to a rate hike from the local power company, base officials launched renewed energy conservation efforts to reduce utility payments. They tapped HTS Texas to outfit the 200,000-square-foot, LEED-Silver-certified military facility with more efficient HVAC equipment, including a McQuay magnetic bearing chiller, McQuay air-handling units and Enviro-Tec Variable Air Volume (VAV) boxes. Additionally, the base established a policy to keep air conditioning settings between 76-78° during the summer. The project received a $67,500 rebate from the power company for installing the McQuay frictionless centrifugal chiller. Its magnetic bearing technology eliminates the high friction losses of conventional compressors, so the chiller requires less than two amps to start. And, because magnetic bearings require no lubrication, there is no need for oil heaters, oil coolers, oil pumps or oil piping.

“We are all about providing the most efficient HVAC equipment available because it makes the most sense for our clients…”
- John Winckler, HVAC systems consultant, HTS Texas

Publication date:09/13/2010