Two feature-packed portable digital refrigerant manifolds - the SMAN2 and SMAN3 - are manifolds that automatically calculate target superheat, letting technicians correctly charge any a/c or refrigeration unit. The manifolds also measure and display dual temperatures and pressures, as well as calculate and display superheat and subcooling simultaneously. The SMAN3 includes a micron vacuum gauge, a micron alarm, and vacuum timer. The micron alarm enables technicians to set the alarm to a chosen micron level, and when the vacuum reaches that level, the alarm will sound, so techs can continue working without constantly checking the vacuum. The vacuum timer is useful to track how long a vacuum has been pulling because if it’s taking longer than a technician would expect, it may indicate hidden issues, says the company. Field calibration of temperature and pressure is easy on both SMAN models. Other features on both models include dual K-type thermocouple pipe clamp inputs, a large temperature and glare-resistant backlit display viewable from 20 feet, and 39 built-in pressure-temperature charts. The sturdy hook makes it easy to hang the manifolds while on the job or in the truck, and the padded nylon bag ensures techs don’t have to remove the hoses and clamps every time they complete a job.

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