The SniffIT X1® is a helium and hydrogen leak detector. The smallest detectable levels of helium and hydrogen with the SniffIT® technology is in the range of 2x10-6 mbar.liters/second. The detector is no bigger than a human hand and weighs less than 10 ounces (300g) and has 10 hours of battery capacity. It has an input voltage of 9 vdc and an input current of 600 mA maximum. The signal presentation is an LED bar with green, yellow, and red LEDs. The detector comes with an airtight weather case and 1.97- (50-) and 7.87-inch (200-mm) length probes. It has a response time of <0.1 second and a recovery time of <1 second. According to the manufacturer, the detector can be used to test air conditioning components, heat exchangers, and hydraulic and pneumatic and other products, as well as maintenance of vacuum systems, pressurized systems, water pipes, and any type of closed-loop system.

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